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Out of the Loop

Big time out of the loop. I haven’t really been taking my camera with me as much as i want during my school break. I think its because its so big. Sort of miss my 5DII. But whatever. That changes today. Taking my camera out more often now :thumbsup:


Heres an out take from a shoot I was working on. LOL. Don’t ask.

Latest Work

I’ve been taking portraits like crazy but just have not had the time to post any new photos up. Most of these were very simple set up. Camera, subject and a window. Im really pleased with them. I do have another project coming up that I am very excited about. Thanks Charmaine Mabalot’s mother for … Continue reading

SOUL GLO Saturdays @ Voodoo Lounge Oct. 9th

Another fun night at a SOUL GLO Event. James let me do some camera work. Thanks dude. Not sure why none of my images rotated.

Terrace Sunlight

Did a small portrait shoot for Monique’s friend (Photos up later after she responds to my email) and then chilled on our terrace which had some dope lighting as the clouds began to cover the sun. This is one of my favorites that I’ve taken for a color image. Monique hella liked her “R.Kelly” pose … Continue reading


Talk about camera shy.



Portrait Project

So i’ve been inspired by Richard Avedon’s American West photo project and I want to do some portraits of mine of people I know.


The one women that will always be there. mom.

Oakland Protests for Oscar Grant

Around 4PM the verdict for the Johannes Mehserle case came out. I myself wasn’t too enthusiastic about the results, but who am I to say. I didn’t follow the case through the whole 19 months but I felt the punishment wasn’t that severe. From watching the video that was posted on Youtube I felt murder … Continue reading