is probably the most important thing in everyones life. Since moving to San Francisco I rarely get to see my family. I do keep in touch almost everyday but of course its not the same as seeing them. Im missing the most precious years of my niece and nephews lives and every chance I see … Continue reading

Common Giants at SFAI 2010 Fashion Show

I was invited by Aaron Mosley, the director of the event this year to take photos of the event. It was my first fashion show and didn’t really know what to expect. What I did expect were a whole bunch of photographers sitting at the end of the runway snapping away, which is what happen. … Continue reading

New Kid Cudi – Rev of Ev

Found this song via hypebeast .. and was super feeling the beat. I just closed my eyes and let the music almost put me to sleep. I like it. via hypebeast

Its always sunny in San Francisco

and its true, at least for me. San Francisco is great and its always great to get away from downtown. Getting away from all the tourist, street lights, cars and steep hills. Adrienne paid me a visit today before she flies out to Vegas tomorrow and we decided to hit the beach. The weather was … Continue reading

spray cans tattoo’s and booze.

First time i’ve been out with my camera in a while without being at an event, and let me tell you it was dope. Felt great taking photos and just capturing what I had seen throughout the day. Went from 6th and Mission at 1AM to the Ingleside of SFC to see some friends get … Continue reading

Shotwell Color of Summer Photo Re-cap!

CG was able to go to Shotwell Color of Summer event! It was thier way to welcome the summer to their guests and friends. Met some really cool people and the spot was really chill. Thank You Michael and Holly for allowing us to be there.

Blackscale x Tenderloin Project x COMMON GIANTS Video

During the BS x TL reception PK was documenting everything via video and stayed up all that night to edit the video. We watched the final edit the next day and it was DOPE. We were super stoked to see it on many blogs and online magazines. PK’s biggest excitement was seeing it on HYPEBEAST. … Continue reading


Went right down the block to INFINITE today to check out the shop. Very simple and easily accessible Met Randy who was very chill and very very modest about what he was doing and what the shop is doing. We talked for a bit and dude was real chill. Of course I had my camera … Continue reading

Blackscale x Sean Desmond x Tenderloin Project Reception

COMMONGIANTSINTHEFUCKINBUILDIN. =X Today Blackscale had Sean Desmond’s Tenderloin Project reception at the shop. Shit was illy. Work was dope and the shop is sleeeek as fuck. It was dope. Open bar with Hennessy Black! CMON KIDS ! Can’t beat that. But on some real shit. Mega and Sean were both chill ass niggas. Very down … Continue reading


THE VIDEO IS OUT!!! SHITS DOPE ! PATRICK K KILLED IT ON THIS ONE!! dsotm x common giants x kat haven from patrick s. khoumphonh on Vimeo.