is probably the most important thing in everyones life. Since moving to San Francisco I rarely get to see my family. I do keep in touch almost everyday but of course its not the same as seeing them. Im missing the most precious years of my niece and nephews lives and every chance I see them I try to make sure I have my camera with me. There such bundles of energy and love. They all feed off of each other. If one does something the next one is sure to follow and so on, Its cute.

This past Sunday I did go home and was able to hang out with the 3 kids. They are honestly so funny and I get a kick out of hanging out with them. San Jose weather is day and night compared to San francisco. It was at least 90 degree’s and I thought I was going to faint. Feels weird saying this because I am a big kid at heart but the adults (including me) just had a few beers in the backyard while the kids jumped and ran around in the inflatable pool. Good times! Ill cherish the time that I can spend with my family and watch the kids grow.

I remember about 3 Months ago Tj and I had a talk about if we could go back and be kids again what would we do different. I think about it now and I would have had a lot more fun. Just knowing what life is like now as an adult, I would have taken full advantage of the no responsibilities opportunity. I look at my niece and nephews and they don’t have a care in the world, no stress, no bills, not worrying about there significant other or what there doing tonight. They have no Idea whats going on in the world but thats the best part about it because their minds are open to anything and everything.


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