never ending fun weekend.

ok this past weekend was supercrazyfun. no joke .. did too much stuff to remember. haha. mm i guess ill list it ..
[x]went to SJ saw mom sisters and nephews and niece ..
[x]kick it with Dom at Santana Row for coffee then swooped up charmaine and had sushi .. the three of us.
[x]ambassadors with reggie and adrienne (hella threw up in the club and outside of the club LOL)
[x]went with denise to freed minds event. which was dope!
[x]went to free N.E.R.D and Asher Roth concert with open bar!

weekend was dope.

Also been doing a lot of research and working on designs with patrick for our up and coming .. shh đŸ˜‰ you’ll see.

dom and john
pabs and jameson
freedminds event
lets do this
nerd concert



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