Early AM Shifts and Japanese Magazines!

had a chill ass day today .. even though it started really early! had work today at 6! but i thought i started at 530am. So went in a bit early .. its whatever .. got off then went home and took a small nap .. headed out to japantown for the first time and it was peeerty chill .. cool little boutiques with different toys and shit .. pretty dope .. there was this japanese book store and it was dope ! hella magazines!! i wish i could read/speak japanese! .. headed back dt .. got a haircut, KO at PK’s while watching inglorious bastards .. and then came home to sleeep!!!

=> OH YEAH. I was in SJ yesterday and had lunch with charmaine! we talked about our upcoming photoshoot! its going to be DOPE!! Super excited ..

=> Also had dinner with the grandparents and miss adrienne. .. saw moms and sister .. and yeah .. start of a good week .. well work tomorrow at 530am .. PEACE.


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